3:29 pm - Wed, Apr 11, 2012

Spoken Art

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language.
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

T.S. Elliot
“Little Gidding”

4:27 pm - Tue, Jan 24, 2012
Sums up my life… (Taken with instagram)

Sums up my life… (Taken with instagram)

8:35 am - Tue, Jan 10, 2012
Somedays I’m…  (Taken with instagram)

Somedays I’m… (Taken with instagram)

6:32 pm - Mon, Jan 2, 2012
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Final Damage for the Rapha 500

One crash

Contusion on shin

Bruised ribs

Tweaked little finger 

Inner thigh contusion

Road rash on hip

One set of contacts trashed

Scuffed up bar tape 

Lost rear fender flap

Desperately need to clean bike

3/4 of a jar of Mad Alchemy Pro Chamois Cream

1/2 of a jar of Mad Alchemy My Wife Inc Embro 

15 Clif Bars

28 Clif Gels

16 whatevercino’s

8 macchiatos

4 Gallons of tea

8 days of cycling laundry

5:41 pm
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New Years Day of the Rapha 500

The plan:

Meet CurbDestroyer for a “No Name Adventure Ride”. 


CurbDestroyer doesn’t answer phone or email. Well not until I’m already at Benetti’s Coffee Experience to meet for a preride cup of whatevercino

Amazingly I’m there early to enjoy my whatevercino without having to rush and down it without actually tasting it. Then about the time I’m getting ready an email comes in…

CurbDestroyer: Umm we are still riding? 

me: Yea! That’s why I called & texted & emailed to make sure of it!

CurbDestroyer: Furnace man is here.. Cant argue with the furnace man. Maybe later in                  the afternoon?

me: You suck. I’m going riding now.

So off I head. An hour late but not a few dollars short. Decide to go to the big city. 62 degrees was forecasted. 20-30mph winds were also mentioned. Yea me.

Into the big city I head. First stop Oddly Correct Coffee

Absolutely buzzing they were. I do have to thank Greg personally for supplying me with a secret pumpkin bread sample that made my ride way more comfortable. Oh by the way make sure to ask when they will start carrying it! It’s delicious.

I’ve had an idea for sometime to travel to work by bike. Well what better time than now. So off I head through the big city to the border. Cross under the viaduct to the industrial park which I commute to work by gas powered death machine Mon-Fri. I was so excited to take this pic


After my rendezvous I returned to have a wonderful lunch & desert. Plus enjoy the fact that I finished the Rapha 500.

4:51 pm - Sat, Dec 31, 2011

Day 8 of the Rapha 500

Rest for the wicked

40 miles of mototard made me take a day off to recover. But I made the fat lady sing. Done & Dusted the Rapha 500 with the mototard. One day left. Another adventure to be had

4:49 pm

MotoTard for Day 7 of Rapha 500

Why end the Rapha 500 with ease? Make it hard, make it memorable. But must have style

I made the decision to ride my Niner on the mototard course I used last year when the weather was absolutely miserable. Also I needed a break from the diesel. Road riding was getting phucking boring. Soooo let the adventure begin

Bike path starts the mototard.

Then on to a gravel path

Followed by a grassy trail…

Only to have it lead to sweet single track trails..

Outta of the single track on to pavement leads to that view

After going through the back side of the lake on the Niner, really hard work with knobbies. I managed to hit my favorite gravel path. Although I think they added more signs to it. Can we ever have enough things to cover our arse’s?

After 3 miles of gravel I cut across a four lane road to really sweet single track again

Nothing like finding a jawbone of something dead hanging in a tree next to the trail. Perfect photo op. After hitting my turnaround spot for lunch I hit some obstacles worth showing

Then after trashing around on the singletrack for quite awhile I hit the gravel path bound for the casa

Good guys were black & hi-viz

3:36 pm - Fri, Dec 30, 2011

Family First…then Rapha 500

Nothing is minor when it comes to surgery. Especially when my pops is involved. So to say the least I put the Rapha 500 on hold to make sure everything is was kosher. Two hours later pops is out the door asking why I wasn’t out riding? Love him I do.

So a late start. Let’s see what I can knock out before the sun sets.

Again rolled out to the country where ‘Merica is symbolized everywhere and in every way

Not a lot of lallygagging going on. Just getting to business before the sun set. Just a couple of shots over the shoulder.

Half way home. Light is getting really low.

Last bit of sun. Came up just short of my goal of mileage. I was ready to make the fat lady sing by finishing the Rapha 500 ahead of schedule. But I wasn’t going to make it easy on myself…

3:25 pm
Encrypted propaganda from a secret sponsor? Whatta gotta say Rapha?

Encrypted propaganda from a secret sponsor? Whatta gotta say Rapha?

3:22 pm

Big Breakfast = Big Miles Day 5 Rapha 500

Today was planned to be 70-75 miles.  Well I came up short. I figured traveling from suburban setting to the city would cover that many miles.  Well it doesn’t. Oh well, I’m ahead of my schedule I planned for the Rapha 500. The weather was on my side. Things were really looking up.

Showed the mwi crew some love by getting kitted up in team uniform.

Rolling out of my suburban setting from cookie cutter neighborhood to cookie cutter neighborhood can be mind numbing unless you see how creative city engineering can be…

Suburban roundabout…my tax dollars at work. I’m so proud of this piece of….well nevermind. Transitioning into the countryside you get see little jewels like this

The unibomber shack as I like to call it. There use to be several mean arse dogs that loved to chase you up the rise of about 6%. Oh the joy of sprinting to avoid a vicious dog bite can be sooo enjoyable. Not to long ago the dogs disappeared. Not sure if the crew ate them or the county came to get them. Either way now I get to enjoy this little nugget when I go by. I always keep my camera low as not to let them see me taking snapshots. You never know….

Then you arrive on the outskirts of the ‘city’ you see items like…

Me not understand be sign sayin to me?

Big city sites as follows

For some reason they wouldn’t let me in my cycling kit. Something about appropriate dress code. I think this is very appropriate

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